Cargo Bikes

Look for a new Cargo bike design for the 2012 NAHBS show in Sacramento!


All of our frames are made from bamboo that has been cured to prevent splitting. We finish the bamboo frames with an automotive quality polyurethane that functions as a vapor barrier and allows the  frame to be maintained as they would a carbon frame.

Lugs are made of locally found fiber that has been tested for strength. Ride quality is superb, smooth over the rough stuff yet stiff where it counts.

Frames weigh from 6 to 10 pounds depending on the size.

Seatpost diameter: 27.2 mm

Fork steerer tube: 1 1/8"

Front derailleur clamp: 35 mm

Max tire size: 42 mm

Cargo bikes are unique and the build up is custom to the frame sizing and customer preference.

Cargo bikes are not currently in production.

Feel free to  contact our office for further details.


"There are so few opportunities in life to buy something that gives me true pleasure. The Bamboosero is one of them. It's beautiful to look at, comfortable to ride, and healthy for the earth. I find the 'look' of bamboo very appealing. I'm not generally into 'flash,' but I find it incredible how much reaction the bike gets from other people. They really love it - and love the idea of it. As I ride it around Berkeley, people want to know about it. The 'sustainability' piece is part of my reaction, for sure, as is the notion that the bike might be creating some jobs in less-advantaged regions of the world. But, even without this, the bike, itself, is a terrific ride."

Rick Foster, co-author of How We Choose to Be Happy and Happiness & Health