City Bikes


City Bike with drop style bars

City Bike with drop style bars

City frames are for all-weather urban commutes but also handle dirt roads well.  This is the bike we provide on our Tours.  First tested on the streets of Accra, Ghana where the stable yet agile geometry allows one to avoid potholes and aggressive taxi drivers. The bike is great for commuting and handles dirt roads very well. The 700c wheel size and disc brakes make it easy to mount fenders for all-weather riding. They are available with an optional eccentric bottom bracket for converting to singlespeed or internally geared hub use. Designed for use with a single front chainring.

Previously built city bikes have scored high marks from those taking a test ride – “plenty responsive” “very comfortable” – built with a 9 speed drivetrain, a comfortable handlebar and an adjustable stem – this build boasts many different riding positions for somebody commuting or carrying groceries on a rack.

Frames weight varies

Seatpost diameter: 27.2 mm

Fork steerer tube: 1 1/8"

Max tire size: 42 mm

View the City Bikes frame geometry chart

Our City Build Kits will be up and running soon.  For questions, please contact us at


"My husband recently was so kind to buy me one of these bamboo bikes. I've owned one of Calfee's bikes for about 13 years or so and still absolutely enjoy riding it every chance. On the other hand this bike has been a great bike to head down to the farmers market, ride with my sisters on the trail or just wandering about in the neighborhood. Every time I have had it out people are amazed at the beauty and the construction of the bike and ask me many questions, some I can answer some have left me questioning it myself... Thanks for the added information, I do get asked about the resin the most. People are very curious of the joints on the bike. I think what has surprised me the most about this bike has been how really comfortable it is. Just had it out the other day on the trails and did about thirty miles and felt as good as my carbon bike! "



"Hey, I'm lovin the bike, rides great, looks cool, I get compliments everywhere I go. My ceramics prof, who's a biker himself, thinks it's the coolest thing. Thanks a lot, "